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    Most of us are extremely fond of watching movies and follow TV shows religiously and access to them has become quite an easy task. Gone are the days when people would go and buy DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs to get movies. Now, most of us simply store our movies and video files on our computer storage or stream them over the internet. Being able to stream movies anywhere and anytime we want on the palm of our hand has come as a relief with today's busy life. To stream movies and video files on your Android smartphone, you have a great number of applications out there to accomplish this.


    However, some of these apps far outrun the others with the features and the interface they offer and one such app is Showbox. This app provides exceptional movie streaming experience over Android smartphone or tablet. Moreover it lets you watch them in HD quality too and perhaps the best thing about this app is that it has an amazing collection of thousands of movies.This app does not even require you to subscribe or sign up in order to view the content. With ShowBox, all you need to do is open it and get a listing of the movies available for viewing. This listing is topped by the most trending movies or the newest additions. Now simply select your desired movie or search for it from the ShowBox search panel and the streaming would start immediately and you can also download via ShowBox APK.

    ShowBoxprovides this movie streaming experience in a simple yet attractive interface which is easy to get hold of. Moreover, this app also has the option to download movies and TV shows to view them in offline mode.ShowBoxconsists of different categories which can be used to filter out the types of movies or shows that you are looking for. Users also have the option to switch the video quality between 300dip to 1000dip depending on the internet speed and the device's compatibility. You can even add the shows and the movies to a personal library. Another amazing feature is that with this app, you can share the movie streaming experience with other people via a Wi-Fi connection.

    All these features combined with a cool interface and easy installation make ShowBox a must-have application if you are a huge fan of movies and TV Shows. This app can be downloaded from the offical website.


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